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Clothing Repairs Norwood

The Sewing Boutique has over 20 year’s experience in clothing repairs near Norwood!

Clothing repair solutions tailored to you.

The Sewing Boutique has over 20 years of experience in clothing repairs for Norwood residents. Do you have a pair of jeans with unwanted rips, or perhaps your favourite puffer jacket has a tear? Please don’t throw them out! Contact our talented sewing experts at The Sewing Boutique! Our team will inspect your item and offer the best possible sewing solution to repair your item. We take pride in all our work and complete your repairs to the highest standard, ensuring the result is neat, durable and of the highest quality.

You can rely on the team at The Sewing Boutique to repair your clothes to be as good as new! Contact us or come in-store today to find the best clothing repair solution for you.

We can repair your home decor items!

The Sewing Boutique are trusted by the residents of Norwood for top-quality clothing repairs! Whether you have a torn pair of pants or a broken dress zipper, our talented team of experts will offer the best clothing repair solution tailored to you. We also offer repairs and restorations on your unique home decor items! Has your furry friend chewed a hole in your loved throw pillow? Don’t part ways with it- bring it to The Sewing Boutique. We will patch the hole like it was never there, restoring your item to be as good as new, if not better!

Don’t throw out your loved items just because they’re a little worn! Contact us to discuss your restoration options.

Our clothing repairs are your sustainable clothing choice.

Norwood's trusted clothing repairs experts!

The Sewing Boutique is the clothing repairs and restoration expert for the people of Norwood. Our team of experts are driven by delivering people top-quality clothing repair solutions and prides themselves on contributing to sustainable fashion. Do you have the perfect pair of jeans that have started to wear in the seams from being overworn? Don’t throw them out and contribute to unnecessary landfill- bring them to us for expert advice and tailored solutions. We will patch and repair the seams of your jeans and restore them to be as good as new!

Don’t waste your time trying to find the perfect fit- bring your clothing to us for top-quality repairs! Contact us or visit us in-store today!

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